Trump's speech at historically black college expected to include only 10 students


A Benedict College spokeswoman confirmed that 'at least' a handful of students would be afforded the opportunity to attend the event, which the NAACP called 'unpleasant.'

Donald Trump's scheduled speech on Friday at South Carolina's Benedict College, a historically black institution, is predicted to have just a handful students in attendance.

Trump is set to appear at the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum.

"At least 10 Benedict students will get to hear Trump’s remarks in person," The State newspaper reported, relaying details from a spokeswoman for the school.

There are approximately 300 tickets that were given out for the event, with half reserved for Trump administration guests, and half distributed by local organizations.

The State reported that 200 "Trump allies" would be filling the auditorium and that the South Carolina Republican Party was given 25 tickets to hand out to local elected officials.

The decision to invite Trump was slammed by the South Carolina NAACP.

"What an unexpected, unpleasant situation for students, the community and many citizens of this state to experience after his insensitive remarks regarding being 'lynched' by the Democratic Party. What a hell of a statement to make," Brenda C. Murphy, SCNAACP State Conference President, said in a statement.

Trump has consistently had extremely low levels of support from the black community.

A recent poll from CNN revealed a meager 3% support among black women. That anemic showing echoes trends from the 2016 election, where Trump received just 8% of the black vote compared to 89% that went for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump's words and actions have undoubtedly contributed to this high level of unpopularity.

He has praised neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville while using his office to attack black politicians, leaders, athletes, and celebrities.

Additionally, Trump has hailed elements of the pro-slavery Confederacy while lamenting the movement to tear down monuments erected in their honor.

Trump prides himself on attracting a large audience, but the venue where he will speak is a considerable downgrade for the last president who spoke at Benedict College, President Barack Obama.

"Obama packed Benedict College’s Mays Arena, which can hold 3,500 people for basketball games," noted The State.

Footage of the event shows far more than 10 students in attendance.

UPDATE: The State reported Friday afternoon that only seven Benedict students attended Trump's speech.

"Am told by college spokeswoman that 9 students had been confirmed to hear Trump's remarks, but 2 students had ROTC training. So 7 Benedict students were attending the event," statehouse reporter Maayan Schechter tweeted.

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