Watch: GOP tries to turn the State of the Union into a Trump rally


This year, the state of the union is ... a MAGA rally?

As Donald Trump started his State of the Union address Tuesday night, the Republicans in the room seemed determined to turn what is supposed to be an official and bipartisan moment for the United States government into one of Trump's MAGA rally, breaking into the decidedly not bipartisan chant: "Four more years!"

Earlier in the evening, Trump's former ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, chastised Democratic lawmakers who announced they would be boycotting the address.

".@AOC & the Dems who chose to boycott the SOTU. When you represent people, your job is not to just do the things you like. It is to rep ALL people," Haley tweeted. "Listening to the issues by the Pres is your job. Maybe someone else  should step in who is willing to do the job that you aren’t."

For the Republicans in the Capitol, however, the moment meant something else: a moment to represent their party, not "ALL people" they are supposed to represent.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.