Trump wants to 'stop the count' — making Biden the election winner


If no more ballots were counted, Biden would notch an Electoral College victory.

Donald Trump on Thursday morning demanded that election officials across the country "STOP THE COUNT!" But if the vote-counting stopped at this moment, Trump would lose the presidency.

At the time Trump sent his tweet, Democratic nominee Joe Biden's leads in Nevada and Arizona would amount to 270 Electoral College votes if the vote count stopped — the exact number needed to secure a victory.

Election officials are also still counting absentee ballots in Pennsylvania and Georgia. Experts say the remaining ballots in Pennsylvania are likely to make Biden a victor in the state, giving Biden its 20 Electoral College votes that would cement a Biden win.

Biden has also been closing the gap on Trump's lead in Georgia, which is down to just 18,500 votes. Election experts say the remaining ballots could lead to a Biden win in the Peach State as well.

Ultimately, Trump's call to stop counting ballots is part of his desperate, last-minute attempt to win reelection.

Trump and his allies have been spreading baseless lies about ballot-counting and whipping Trump supporters into a frenzy to try and disrupt ballot counting in states like Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan. Election observers say there have been "no violations" that merit legal challenges.

The Trump campaign has also filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and now Nevada to stop vote counting — though legal experts say the challenges are doomed to fail.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.