Trump criticizes Biden for using a teleprompter — while using a teleprompter


Trump used to make the same attacks on former President Barack Obama.

Donald Trump on Thursday night criticized Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for using a teleprompter, even though Trump has delivered remarks from a teleprompter many times himself.

"And I'm watching what they're doing with Biden where he's using teleprompters," Trump said at a campaign rally in Wisconsin, at which Trump read a speech from a teleprompter.

Trump mocked Biden's teleprompter use by saying, "Move it up, move it up. I can't see."

Trump used teleprompters multiple times on Thursday alone, both at his rally in Wisconsin and at a speech earlier in the day, in which Trump demanded schools across the country teach patriotism, but not about the history of slavery and racism.

And while Trump claimed without evidence that Biden can't see the teleprompter, Trump himself often has trouble reading from the machine that scrolls his speeches.

It makes his criticism of Biden for using a teleprompter part of his long history of projecting his own bad behavior onto others.

During his screed condemning education about racism on Thursday, Trump appeared to have trouble reading the word "immortal," pronouncing it "immortable."

In a Sept. 8 speech that he read off a teleprompter, Trump appeared to have trouble reading the word "marshes," and then said "wildfars" — which is not a word.

While reading off a teleprompter in an Aug. 6 speech at a Whirlpool plant, Trump incorrectly pronounced Thailand, calling it "thigh land."

That followed another speech Trump was reading in which he incorrectly called Yosemite Park "Yo Semite."

Trump's recent attacks on Biden for using a teleprompter mirror the attacks he lobbed against former President Barack Obama for using a teleprompter during some speeches.

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