Trump humiliated by Nickelback and a frozen pizza company in 48 hours


Nickelback demanded Trump stop using its music video on Twitter, and Devour foods mocked him for promoting a bogus online poll.

House Democrats are pushing forward with an impeachment inquiry, and to make matters worse for Donald Trump, he can't even catch a break on his favorite platform, Twitter.

This week, Trump was humiliated by both Canadian rock band Nickelback and the frozen pizza company Devour.

On Wednesday, Trump shared a video attacking former Vice President Joe Biden and used part of a 2005 Nickelback music video of its single, "Photograph." The video focused on the debunked conspiracy theory that Biden interfered with a Ukrainian investigation into his son, Hunter Biden.

Within hours, the video was taken down after Nickelback lodged a complaint with Twitter over the use of its copyrighted material. As of now, the Trump video is still available on YouTube.

That embarrassment came a day after frozen pizza company Devour mocked Trump's use of a phony online poll.

On Monday, Trump tweeted out an unscientific online poll from the far-right website Breitbart showing 97% of readers stand with Trump amidst the impeachment inquiry. Above an image of the poll, Trump wrote, "THANK YOU!"

On Tuesday, Devour tweeted out a "Devour Fan Poll" showing 97% of its fans enjoy Devour foods. It also used the all-caps "THANK YOU!" in its tweet.

In reality, many Americans are warming up to the idea of impeaching Trump. A recent USA Today poll shows 45% of Americans support impeaching Trump over his request for a "favor" from the Ukrainian president to investigate the Biden family. Only 38% oppose impeachment.

As for Devour, there is no nationally recognized poll as to whether or not people love its food.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.