Don't believe the haters who say Democrats are 'doing nothing'


The Democrats are pushing back against President-elect Donald Trump and his burgeoning administration, and are advocating for meaningful investigations of Russian interference in the election. It is simply not true that they are "doing nothing."

President-elect Donald Trump has not yet been inaugurated and is already terrifying progressives (and not a few conservatives) with his diplomatic recklessness, unwillingness to resolve his vast conflicts of interest, chaotic transition, and alarming Cabinet-building.

His belligerent, continually divisive posture is suggestive of an incoming president with a commanding mandate, but he was helped to victory by Russian interference, lost the popular vote by more than 2.8 million votes, and his dreadful transition approval numbers are swirling the bottom of the bowl.

Not only does Trump not have a mandate; he does not even have presidential legitimacy.

As a result of all of these profound concerns around Trump's impending presidency, rank-and-file Democrats urgently want their elected representatives to take action.

And they have. Unfortunately, there is nonetheless a pervasive message that they are "doing nothing." This is inaccurate.

Last night, I published an extensive tweetstorm pushing back on this demoralizing messaging, which is republished here in full, below.

There are plenty of people — and I am among them — who want the Democrats to be doing even more.

This is not an argument that there is nothing more that could or should be done. It is an argument that the Democrats are not "doing nothing" — which is an incredibly damaging message, both to supporters who desperately want to feel their interests are being represented, and to the Democrats whose work is going unrecognized.

If we want more, we must encourage them to do more, and that starts with acknowledging the work that is already being done. There is a whole lot of space between doing enough and doing nothing. I will not let stand the dishonest narrative that the Democrats are "doing nothing."

And neither should you.

If for no other reason than it benefits the Trump brigade, who would very much like us to believe there is no opposition to their egregious abuses.