Teen reacts perfectly to racist attack by Republican politician


Republicans keep picking on kids who are anything but defenseless. Harvard-bound Drake Johnson had the perfect response to such nastiness.

Drake Johnson, a high school senior from California, faced a racist attack from a Republican former elected official. But his response was absolutely on point.

Johnson tweeted a proud celebration of his acceptance to Harvard. Two days later, former Texas State Board of Education member George Clayton replied with a repugnant "joke."

Clayton snidely asked Johnson, who is black, if his acceptance was based on "merit or quota?"

Johnson showed the class that Clayton lacked by taking the high road in his response. "Thank you! Valedictorian, ASB President, World Champion, good SAT, and a couple handfuls of other involvements, so I would think merit?" he tweeted.

Clayton's Twitter bio says he is a current candidate for the state school board. But the Dallas Morning News says there's no record of him having filed for candidacy. And another Republican has won the primary for that seat.

Clayton has made similar attacks on at least five other teens this year alone. Indeed, he seems to have an odd obsession with black teens and college admissions.

Earlier this month, he asked a young black woman who was accepted to Duke, "Was you [sic] admittance merit or quota based?"

And in March, he attacked a young black man who had been accepted to Princeton. If the man's admission were based "on a quota number," Clayton admonished him to "work hard, make the best of it and thank the merit applicant you replaced."

Johnson's response has resulted in a wave of support for him online. Clayton has yet to comment further.

Clayton's behavior is reminiscent of Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who bullied Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg over his college applications. That crass attack led to a massive advertiser exodus from Ingraham's program.

But the network didn't seem to learn anything from it. Just over a week ago, local Fox anchors actually criticized black teenager Micheal Brown as "obnoxious" for having won full scholarships to 20 different colleges.

But before any of this, Trump was leading the way. In addition to the birther conspiracy, Trump also demanded that President Barack Obama release his college transcripts. Trump insisted that Obama could not have earned his way into Harvard legitimately.

Trump's inauguration surely emboldened attacks like Clayton's. But young people like Drake Johnson won't let racist nonsense dampen their well-earned excitement and pride. After all, they're too busy getting ready for college — and to vote.