Accused war criminal pardoned by Trump outs Navy SEALS who testified against him


Retired Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher posted the names, photos, duty status, and current units of active service members, jeopardizing their safety.

Former Navy SEAL and accused war criminal Eddie Gallagher put service members in jeopardy with a new video attack launched from his social media accounts on Monday. Gallagher's video revealed sensitive information about the Navy SEALS who testified against him in his war crimes trial, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

In the three-minute-long video posted to his Facebook and Instagram pages, Gallagher identified his accusers by posting their names, photographs, duty status, and the units they serve in — which experts said jeopardizes those Navy SEALS' safety.

"As a matter of policy we do not identify our special operators," Capt. Tamara Lawrence, a spokesperson for Naval Special Warfare Command, told the Union-Tribune. "We don't identify them by name, or by any other manner, due to the nature of their work, for the protection of their teammates and their families, and to protect on-going and future missions."

In the video, Gallagher calls the service members "cowards" for testifying about his actions in Iraq. Those service members accused Gallagher of shooting civilians and killing an ISIS fighter by stabbing him in the neck — both of which are considered war crimes. Gallagher was acquitted on some of the charges but was convicted of posing with the corpse of a dead ISIS fighter.

Fox News hosts lobbied Trump to pardon Gallagher for his conviction, which Trump eventually did.

Trump also forced out the secretary of the Navy who did not agree with Trump's order to go over Navy leadership's head to demand the restoration of Gallagher's rank — which had been reduced thanks to his conviction.

Navy SEALS who worked with Gallagher testified to Navy investigators that Gallagher is "freaking evil" and "toxic," and said he "wants to kill anybody he can."

Trump, however, has embraced Gallagher, hosting him at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, over the holiday season.

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