El Paso sues Trump for fake emergency 2 weeks after his rally there


Trump has been hit with yet another lawsuit for his fake national emergency declaration.

The lawsuits are piling up.

El Paso County, Texas, joined the growing list of entities suing Trump over his fake national emergency declaration last week, saying Trump's attempt to circumvent Congress and steal money for his needless border wall is a violation of the Constitution.

"By declaring a national emergency where none exists, the Proclamation also violates long-standing laws prohibiting the military from engaging in domestic activity that Congress has not authorized," El Paso County, along with the non-profit civil rights group Border Network for Human Rights, wrote in their 39-page complaint

Trump held a campaign rally in El Paso two weeks ago, where he blatantly lied about crime statistics in the city to build support for taxpayer funding for his border wall project — despite his assurances that Mexico would be paying for the wall.

And El Paso is clearly mad about Trump badmouthing the city with lies, writing in the lawsuit that, "Although the President has claimed that El Paso's crime rate dropped when border barriers were constructed in El Paso, that is not true."

"El Paso was a low-crime area even before sections of wall were added in the 2000s," the lawsuit reads. "When El Pasoans attempted to fact check the President's misleading claims about their region by pointing out that El Paso has long been one of the safest places in America, the President responded by accusing El Paso of trying to doctor crime data, saying at a February 11, 2019 political rally in El Paso: 'they're full of crap.'"

El Paso is suing because they believe Trump's smear campaign against the city will be a hindrance to businesses or perspective tourists who might now be afraid to open businesses or live in the city.

"The President's re-appropriation of billions of dollars of funds to militarize the region sends an immediate message to businesses or travelers thinking of spending time or money in El Paso County that it will be a far less attractive place to work, visit, or live," the lawsuit states.

El Paso joins 16 states, as well as two public interest groups — Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and Public Citizen — on the list of groups suing Trump over the national emergency.

And that's not Trump's only problem with the emergency declaration.

House Democrats plan to file a resolution to block the national emergency, forcing Republicans to go on record about whether they support the Constitution or their lawless president.

A week after his ill-fated decision to declare a national emergency, the headaches over his national emergency declaration are only growing.

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