El Paso woman who saved lives shames Trump: 'You say things and this is what happens'


Adria González helped to save the lives of at least 40 people during the El Paso shooting.

A hero of the El Paso mass shooting directly addressed Trump and criticized him for how his racist rhetoric was echoed in the shooter's actions.

"For the president, I think he should just be careful of what he says, his words," Adria González, an assistant teacher, said in a video posted on Tuesday. "Because this is what happens."

"You preach and you say things, and this is what happens," she added, gesturing to the crime scene at the site of the killings.

"This is what happened to my hometown, to my people. This is what happens. No human has to go through this. No human. No one needs to go through this."

González was in the Walmart as the shooting occurred and personally saw at least five people on the floor of the store, bleeding from their wounds. After she made it to a storage area of the store with her mother, she helped others.

She took off her pink hat and waved it to people nearby, letting them know that there was a way out of the store.

"Let's go, let's go. Vamos, vamos, let's go," she told them.

"About 40 people followed her to the storage area near the meat counter, where they waited in silence. They waited until they could no longer hear any gunshots," CNN reported.

Adria González was an eyewitness to mass murder, heroically helped to save lives, and she knows exactly what Trump's words can lead to.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.