Eric Trump complains Democrats are too focused on coronavirus crisis


'All they can talk about is COVID.'

Eric Trump, a son of Donald Trump, attacked Democrats on Thursday for focusing too much on the coronavirus that has killed over 180,000 Americans.

"All they can talk about, Steve, is COVID," Trump told Steve Doocy of Fox News. "COVID, COVID, COVID."

ERIC TRUMP: Even CNN and MSNBC are saying that our production quality and our speakers are better than the DNC. I think this is a clear victory.


He called me about 30 seconds after I got off stage, and he couldn't be more proud of the family. And he couldn't be more proud of everybody.


Honestly, he's gonna hit it out of the park tonight. Nights like tonight are actually what my father does best. If you look at the State of the Unions he's given, he's always blowing them out of the park. He's got a lot of things to be proud of. He's done a great job for this nation.


And the Democrats don't. The Democrats stand for a total lack of law and order, defunding police, $4 trillion in extra taxes. Joe Biden is nowhere to be found. Kamala Harris has called our law enforcement officers "KKK" and "Gestapo."


All they can talk about, Steve, is COVID. COVID, COVID, COVID, and how Trump's a bad man.


You know, my father wants to talk about the greatest military in the world, the greatest economy in the world. You know, stopping illegal immigration, preserving God in this country, preserving freedom of speech, preserving our Second Amendment, and so much more.


He's done more for this nation in the last three and a half years than arguably any president in history. He's made me as a son incredibly proud. We love him, and we're gonna fight like hell and we're going to get another four years because this nation deserves it.

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