Eric Trump to Fox News: Donald Trump is 'protecting the free world against lunacy'


With a straight face and no hint of irony, Eric Trump actually claimed that his father is "protecting" all of us from "lunacy," and keeping the world "very, very safe."

Donald Trump "is protecting the free world against lunacy."

No, that's not an Onion headline. That was Eric Trump's delusional and laughable assessment of his father's presidency, and the latest bit of proof that irony is truly dead.

Speaking to Fox News' Maria Bartiromo — someone who recently offered her own blatantly wrong take on the elder Trump by claiming there are "no allegations" of sexual misconduct against him — Eric Trump launched into a defense of his father's foreign policy and behavior toward global leaders.

"He's done more to mend relationships over in Asia than has been done in the last three decades by all other previous administrations," Eric declared.

He bragged about the presence of "three or four aircraft carriers" as showing "the might of a nation" and making it "very, very clear that we're not playing."

The petulant chest-thumping made way for Eric's mind-boggling claim of his father's role on the global stage.

"They're deadly serious about protecting this nation, and protecting the free world against lunacy, and they will see to it that all of us are very, very safe."

Seriously, he said that: Donald Trump will protect us from lunacy.

It is perhaps not surprising that a member of the Trump family would have inherited their patriarch's penchant for self-serving hyperbole and easily refutable claims of competence.

Donald Trump spent his trip across Asia embarrassing himself and the United States by childishly demanding praise and  admitting that he "never knew we had so many countries."

And it probably didn't do much to "mend relationships" or to calm fears stoked by Trump's reckless provocation of North Korea when he bragged about giving up a "very fancy lunch" so he could eat with troops in South Korea instead.

In fact, the only foreign relationship Trump seems intent on cultivating even further is that with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, to whom he signaled a readiness to forgo enforcement of sanctions.

It is supremely difficult to imagine a man like Trump — with his rampant dishonesty, hair-trigger temper, and terrifying lack of even an iota of concern for performing his job well — as the man to protect the country from "lunacy."

Indeed, it is lunacy to even make such a claim — especially with a straight face.