Even Sean Spicer is done being humiliated by Donald Trump


White House press secretary Sean Spicer has finally had enough of Donald Trump's abuse.

It only took six months for Sean Spicer to decide he's had enough of Donald Trump.

The White House press secretary has repeatedly suffered humiliation and outright scorn at the hands of the president he serves. And now he's calling it quits.

On Friday morning, less than two hours after the White House announced the appointment of  Anthony Scaramucci as communications director, Spicer told Trump "he vehemently disagreed" with the decision and resigned.

The New York Times reports that Trump asked Spicer to stay anyway, but Spicer refused, saying "he believed the appointment was a major mistake."

According to CNN senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny, "Sources in the White House, as well as Republicans close to the White House, who want this president to succeed — they say that Sean Spicer believed this morning, for really one of the first times, that the president was doing something that would not allow him to succeed."

It's another devastating blow in a week — and a month, and half a year — of devastating blows for Trump. But the only real surprise is that it took Spicer this long to leave.

Less than a month into the administration, Trump was bad-mouthing and shaming his own top spokesman. Trump didn't like Spicer's wardrobe or the fact that he was portrayed on "Saturday Night Live" by Melissa McCarthy because, according to one Trump donor, "Trump doesn't like his people to look weak."

Trump has made Spicer's job all but impossible, frequently contradicting Spicer's statements on his behalf, leaving Spicer to face humiliating questions from the White House press pool. When the White House announced that Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, Spicer found himself hiding in the bushes to avoid having to explain the decision.

Trump even suggested that Spicer was not up to the task and said he might cancel press briefings altogether, unless he did them himself.

During Trump's first international trip as president, Spicer was reportedly very eager to meet the pope — something Trump did not allow him to do.

Trump has had a hard time filling positions in the government because people are afraid of working for a president so engulfed in scandals, ethics violations, and potentially criminal investigations.

Trump also thinks nothing of humiliating his closest advisers and allies, as he demonstrated again just this week, in which we slammed Attorney General Jeff Sessions and said he never would have hired him if he had known Sessions would not help shut down the Russia investigation.

Spicer has been hiding from the press for almost a month, sending deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to brief the press, off camera. Apparently, we — and Trump — will no longer have Spicer to kick around.