Even tea party supporters are starting to think Trump should be impeached


A new poll finds more than 1 in 3 people who identify with the tea party would support Donald Trump's impeachment — a stunning fracture in the conservative coalition that could have huge electoral implications.

The newest POLITICO/Morning Consult poll is filled with terrible news for Donald Trump.

Every single demographic except evangelical Christians believes the country is on the wrong track. Meanwhile, support for impeachment has jumped from 38 percent to 43 percent, and among Democratic women, the figure is a whopping 75 percent.

One number in particular, however, is absolutely stunning: According to the poll, 36 percent of tea party supporters believe Trump should be impeached.

The tea party movement rose to prominence with a series of protests against President Barack Obama in 2009 and 2010 that swept a far-right Republican House majority into power. Representatives elected by members of this movement went on to found the Tea Party Caucus and, later, the Freedom Caucus.

This is significant because, despite a few minor scuffles, the Freedom Caucus is largely working with Trump to pass his agenda, most notably his push to strip millions of low-income and sick people of health care. Yet more than 1 in 3 of the right-wing activists whose movement swept these congressmen into power now want Trump impeached.

Even while the tea party fractures over the issue of impeachment, House Republicans maintain a unified front in defense of Trump, and have even colluded with the White House to undermine the Russia investigation. This reveals a basic failing of Republicans to listen to their own voters — further evidenced by the refusal of the vast majority of GOP representatives to hold town halls.

If Republicans continue to ignore the warning signs from within their own coalition, they will be massively vulnerable in 2018 and beyond.