Every living president says Trump lied about their support for a wall


They confirm what millions already knew: Trump is a liar.

Every single living American president has now confirmed that Trump was lying when he claimed they all support his crusade to build a useless wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are on record refuting Trump's claim.

In remarks told during his recent appearance in the Rose Garden of the White House, Trump said, "This should have been done by all of the presidents that preceded me and they all know it. Some of them have told me that we should have done it."

But they didn't. It was just a story Trump invented to bolster support for his wall, which Trump has shut down the federal government for.

In a statement, President Carter said, "I have not discussed the border wall with President Trump, and do not support him on the issue."

President Clinton's spokesman told Politico that Clinton "did not" say what Trump claimed and added, "they've not talked since the inauguration."

A spokesman for President Bush said he hasn't discussed the wall with Trump.

President Obama hasn't spoken with Trump since the 2017 inauguration, except for a brief exchange at President George H.W. Bush's funeral.

Obama has repeatedly slammed Trump's racist and xenophobic obsession with a border wall. In a 2016 speech, Obama said, "Suggesting that we can build an endless wall along our borders, and blame our challenges on immigrants — that doesn't just run counter to our history as the world's melting pot, it contradicts the evidence that our growth and our innovation and our dynamism has always been spurred by our ability to attract strivers from every corner of the globe."

Trump is a liar about issues big and small. His own acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, was forced to tell CNN "I have no idea" when Mulvaney was asked to explain which president had said what Trump claimed they had told him.

The American people don't want Trump's wall, and they would prefer to have the government open than waste money on it.

None of the former presidents spoke to him about the wall and they didn't support him on it. He made it up, like makes everything else up.

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