Ex-RNC staffer to current aides: Resign or live knowing you 'helped a child molester'


Jack Pitney wants everyone at the RNC to understand the consequences of supporting Roy Moore.

The GOP’s primary fundraising committee suddenly reversed its policy to pull support from accused pedophile Roy Moore, leading to widespread outrage.

Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel likely felt pressure to step up for Moore in the wake of Donald Trump’s clear signal of support.

But it is an incredibly craven move, given the number of Republicans — including Republican women — who continue to voice objections to Moore. Even Mitt Romney, McDaniel’s uncle, has condemned any continued support for the Alabama Senate race, saying "No majority is worth losing our honor, our integrity."

And one former RNC staffer had a blunt wake-up call for those currently working for the party:

Pitney’s warning is the inescapable truth: anyone who continues to work at the RNC with the knowledge that they are supporting a man who has been accused by nine women of stalking, sexual assault, and child molestation is saying that his behavior is not only tolerable in general, but acceptable in a U.S. senator.

And unless and until the RNC reverses this policy, any individual or organization which contributes money to it is saying the same thing.

The impulse of Republican officials in the Trump era to win no matter what has eclipsed any consideration of morality or standards in government.