'Executive Time': Schedules show low-energy Trump is barely working 35 hours a week


Trump's schedules are full of very grown-up-sounding 'Executive Time,' which is when he gets to watch TV.

The official schedules released to reporters and the public by the Trump White House are slim enough as it is — a far cry from the late nights of Presidents Obama and Clinton, or the early mornings of President George W. Bush. But apparently they actually exaggerate the hours kept by Trump.

A new glimpse into the real schedules as shown to Axios reveals a strange business-y phrase occurring multiple times and taking up hours of Trump’s workday: "Executive Time."

To the average viewer of the Trump presidency, it feels like he has countless uninterrupted stretches in which to binge watch Fox News and tweet angry, incoherent thoughts. With the release of his internal schedules, we learn that's because he does.

"Executive Time" is the Trump White House's name for the hours he's allowed to spend in his residence with social media and cable television — no staff, no structured meetings, and nothing that could be mistaken for governing. This hilariously named personal time takes up entire mornings until 11am, and shows up again sometimes as early as 1:30 p.m.

In fact, Trump's regular Oval Office hours are on average from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. only — barely making up a 35 hour workweek.

Despite Trump's promises during the campaign that he was a super hard worker who would never have time for vacations or golf once he was president, he has taken an unprecedented amount of taxpayer-funded vacation, spending well over 100 days in his first year golfing at his own properties.

Now we learn that even when he's home at the White House, he's still not putting in the hours at work.

2018 began with Trump literally hiding his leisure time from cameras behind a giant white truck. Looks like he's hiding it behind the very adult-sounding "Executive Time," too.