'Eyewitnesses' promised to prove Trump didn't prey on young women weren't even there


The admitted sexual predator's "proof" that he isn't a sexual predator is shockingly pathetic — and doesn't prove anything at all.

More than a dozen women have accused Donald Trump of sexually harassing or molesting them.

But in the latest attempt to dismiss the numerous allegations, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted Monday that she has a list of "specific eyewitness accounts" to dispute all of the allegations.

The list, provided to ThinkProgress, is not exactly convincing.

One of the most disturbing accusations is that Trump conducted "inspections" of Miss USA pageant contestants, unapologetically leering at the half-naked young women in their dressing room. Samantha Holvey, Miss North Carolina in 2006, described how Trump "would step in front of each girl and look you over from head to toe like we were just meat."

To dispute this allegation, the Trump team offers two women — neither of whom were participants in the Miss USA pageant of 2006. Katie Blair was the winner of Miss Teen USA that year. Miss Teen USA is an entirely different pageant.

The other "eyewitness" is Melissa Young, who competed in 2005. However, the alleged behavior described by Holvey took place in 2006.

The most compelling testimony, however, comes from Trump himself. He gleefully bragged on Howard Stern's show about inspecting contestants back stage.

"I'll go backstage and everyone's getting dressed, and everything else, and you know, no men are anywhere, and I'm allowed to go in because I'm the owner of the pageant and therefore I'm inspecting it," he said.

Trump then added, in a comment eerily similar to the one caught on the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, "I sort of get away with things like that."

Trump has spent decades bragging about the way he treats women, the way he feels entitled to "inspect" them and grab them without their consent. Americans have heard him, in his own voice, confess to such behavior.

Now that the allegations are finally being taken more seriously, with 56 women in Congress calling for investigations into Trump's alleged and admitted behavior, the White House is offering patently absurd defenses to dismiss the very things Trump has told us himself he is guilty of.