Failing Trump's approval rating falls to new low in record time


The wheels are falling off the Trump administration, as indictments and guilty pleas are accompanied by embarrassing new lows in the polls.

As special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations ramped up Monday — with indictments of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and campaign aide Rick Gates, and a guilty plea from campaign official George Papadopoulos — Trump’s basement-level approval ratings skidded to new lows in a host of national surveys.

The White House and Fox News have tried to implement the bizarre strategy of pretending Hillary Clinton is actually the president and that she’s the one who needs to be investigated. But it's not working on the voters.

The most notable polling news Monday is the Gallup daily tracking survey, where Trump’s approval ratings hit a new low of 33 percent — a horrendous showing for any president, especially one just nine months into his first term.

To put it in context, in a combined 16 years in office, neither Bill Clinton nor Barack Obama ever fell as low as 33 percent in the Gallup tracking poll.

George W. Bush did sink to 33 percent in May 2006 — after more than 1,900 days in office. Trump has managed the embarrassing feat in less than 300 days.

In fact, when Richard Nixon left office in disgrace in August 1974, following two years of the Watergate scandal, he was only polling nine points lower than where Trump is today.

The Gallup poll was taken from a three-day rolling average, covering Oct. 27-29 — starting the day that CNN broke the news of the looming, but at the time still sealed, indictments.

But the dismal numbers from Gallup aren't the only bleak news for the failing Trump.

A recent Fox News poll found his approval tumbling down to 38 percent, a new low for that survey, which also showed that an amazing 49 percent of Americans now "strongly disapprove" of Trump. Even among loyalists like evangelical Christian voters, 80 percent of whom backed Trump last November, his approval rating has sagged to 66 percent.

And over the weekend, a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll showed that Trump’s approval had plummeted five points just since September, down to 38 percent, "his lowest rating since taking office" according to that particular poll. In particular, the survey found Trump suffered a steep decline among independent voters since September, with their approval falling from 41 percent to 34 percent.

These rapidly eroding approval ratings come as Republicans have tried to team up with Fox News and the right-wing media to launch a Putin-style witch hunt against Clinton.

But as a transparent attempt to try to distract the public from Trump's woes, it appears to be a complete failure, as more and more voters are fed up with this administration, and want this president out.