FBI Director's cryptic letter fires up Hillary Clinton's base


Within minutes of the release of an oddly-timed letter from FBI Director James Comey about emails that may or may not be connected to Hillary Clinton, it was obvious what the reaction would be: Clinton's supporters would be outraged — and energized.

The unpredictability of politics has been on full display in 2016. There is simply no way to know what each day will bring, and no way to know how an issue will play.

The sudden re-emergence of Hillary Clinton's emails with less than two weeks to go in the 2016 race has taken the political world by surprise. But for anyone assuming it would harm Clinton, the story is unfolding in an unexpected way. The individual coming under intense scrutiny and harsh criticism is not Hillary Clinton, but FBI Director James Comey, who released a cryptic letter announcing the discovery of emails that may or may not be pertinent to the State Department email investigation.

Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts were practically doing backflips at the news, but their initial exuberance has died down quickly as it becomes increasingly apparent that Comey handed Clinton an Election Day gift: A rallying cry to fire up her base.

Concerns about complacency always plague candidates with a substantial lead and the Clinton campaign has been working diligently to make sure her supporters turn out to vote. What more fortuitous a development than an explosion of unhinged and unfair attacks to further motivate them?

Sure enough, on a press call to discuss the Comey letter, Clinton's campaign manager Robby Mook confirmed that they are seeing a defiant response from their voters, both online and on the ground.

Hillary Clinton is an indomitable human being and candidate surrounded by extremely talented advisers empowered by millions of passionate and dedicated supporters. It will take a lot more to knock her off her game than a strangely-timed and confusingly-worded letter about an issue that has been covered for 600 days.

Republicans should know better.