Flood of Democrats denounce Donald Trump's slanderous attack on John Lewis


When President-elect Donald Trump decided to mark the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend by leveling a racially-coded attack on civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), Democrats stepped up en masse to denounce Trump in the most eloquent and precise terms.

President-elect Donald Trump kicked a hornet's nest when he tweeted this attack on civil rights icon John Lewis over Lewis' assertion that Trump's presidency is not legitimate:

The responses of elected Democrats are powerful, and speak for themselves:

Rep. Lewis has stated that he will not be attending Trump's inauguration, and this incident may well precipitate a wider rebellion among Democrats:

Trump may inspire the worst in some people, but he has inspired Democrats to put into words the outrage we feel toward Trump, and the love and gratitude we feel for Rep. Lewis in even greater measure. Love trumps hate.