Florida teens eviscerate NRA's pathetic Oscars campaign


The NRA's attempt at intimidation during the Oscars ceremony didn't work at all on these young activists.

The NRA began a hateful propaganda campaign during Sunday night's Oscars ceremony. But the teen survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting fought back.

The NRA released a series of offensive videos attacking the media, proponents of gun reform, opponents of racism, and others.

In one clip, spokesperson Dana Loesch railed against a long list of people while standing next to an hourglass. She concluded with the thinly veiled declaration: "Your time is running out. The clock starts now."

The threatening clips garnered quick and overwhelming responses from the teens who lived through the gun massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

"Oof we're just trembling with fear," tweeted Lauren Hogg, whose family withstood threats following a smear campaign against the survivors. "The fact that you are so scared that you feel the only way to get your point across is by trying to scare teenagers who have just survived a mass shooting and the media is what is really PETTY in this situation."

And Cameron Kasky noted that the NRA sure seems "scared of my high school friends."

Other survivors posted defiant messages proving that the NRA's intimidation campaign isn't working on them. And they pointed out that it is the NRA and its supporters who ought to be worried now.

The students also slammed a video that falsely claimed activists want to ban all guns. And they offered up some actual truths:

The NRA has been in a desperate tailspin since the Parkland shooting. In addition to losing business partners, the group has seen its dangerous agenda called out again and again by these young activists.

Perhaps the most fitting response to the NRA's hateful campaign came from senior Jose Iglesias.

"No, your time is running out."