Flower-picking Daisy Girl is back in chilling new Clinton ad


If the stakes of the 2016 election still aren't quite clear enough in these closing days, a new Hillary Clinton ad that borrows from the most famous political commercial in history ought to do the trick.

Anyone who is old enough to remember, or has even a passing interest in politics, knows the "Daisy Girl" ad that shook the 1964 presidential campaign like an earthquake. Incumbent President Lyndon Johnson used this hard-hitting spot just once, but once was enough:

That little girl is now grown-up Monique Corzilius Ruiz, and she's the star of a new ad for Hillary Clinton, one which sets the stakes every bit as clearly as the original "Daisy Girl" ad. This version replaces footage of a nuclear test with something far more immediate and threatening: Donald Trump's own words:


President Johnson's opponent was seen as unacceptable for many of the same reasons that Donald Trump is, but Trump's casual and uniformed attitude toward the use of nuclear weapons is something we've never seen before. Clinton said it best herself: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."