Former CIA director nails 'small, petty' Trump for his Russia panic


"Your insecurity is well deserved."

Former CIA Director John Brennan is the latest to call out Trump's reckless lies on Russia.

Trump's latest epic bout of public unraveling is now on day four, as the brooding ranter in chief lashes out at his growing array of enemies.

Besieged in the last week by allegations that he employed a wife beater in the White House, his previous mistresses had been paid off to keep quiet, and he's doing nothing to address gun violence in American, Trump continues to fester.

Another unwieldy obsession has been special counsel Robert Mueller's surging Russia probe and likely realization from Trump that his administration is getting dragged deeper into legal jeopardy as indictment continue to be unsealed.

Meanwhile, Trump implodes as he watches Fox News, alternately stewing and thrashing over perceived slights. In the wake of historians dubbing him America's worst president ever, Trump has seemed especially unglued, tweeting out complete gibberish, such as "I have been much tougher on Russia than Obama, just look at the facts. Total Fake News!"

That was too much for former CIA director to stomach:

Brennan, who served in the administrations of both Democrats and Republicans, and who spent years briefing President Barack Obama every day on national security matters, has been an outspoken critic of Russia's obvious interference in the 2016 elections.

And for that, Brennan has become a Trump target.

Earlier this month, Brennan ripped Republicans for their reckless behavior surrounding the release of the so-called Nunes memo, which they tried to use to smear the FBI's ongoing Russia investigation.

"Absence of moral and ethical leadership in WH is fueling this government crisis," Brennan lamented.

For the record, Trump's latest attempted spin, that it's Obama who is to blame for letting Russians go unstopped and unpunished in 2016, is comically false. In fact, the truth reveals how deeply the GOP is implicated in the scandal. (Note how Trump no longer calls the matter a "hoax.")

That's because during the run-up to the November election, with his national intelligence team becoming increasingly alarmed about Russian activity, Obama approached leaders of the Republicans Party and asked that they join him in issuing a stern, public denunciation of the Russian activity.

Obama specifically wanted a united, bipartisan effort so he wasn't seen as using intelligence to boost the Democratic candidate or attack the Republican one.

Republicans flatly refused.

Now Trump's trying to rewrite history. But Brennan was there and he won't allow it.