Former CIA officer blasts Devin Nunes for 'enabling our indecent president'


Evan McMullin savaged the congressman, while endorsing Nunes' opponent.

Rep. Devin Nunes' (R-CA) campaign to retain his House seat took another blow Thursday, when former CIA officer Evan McMullin endorsed Democrat Andrew Janz — and slammed Nunes in the process.

McMullin, who is also a former House Republican staffer, wrote on Twitter that "Andrew Janz is an honorable man who has made a career of upholding the law."

He added that Janz will "do a much better job" for the district than Nunes, whom McMullin said "ignores the district, while promoting himself and enabling our indecent president."

McMullin has previously criticized Nunes for attempting to cover for Trump by hyping an intelligence memo that turned out to be lies. McMullin called Nunes' memo a "conspiracy scam" and a "charade," and called Nunes out for causing "a breakdown in the separation of powers and jeopardizes national security."

Nunes continues to push for the release of documents that could undermine national security, and was recently caught on a secret audio recording admitting to a plot to impede the Russia probe and shield Trump from accountability.

McMullin also blasted Nunes last year for colluding with the White House to fabricate allegations of improper “unmasking” of Trump associates in intelligence reports in order to bolster Trump's lie that President Obama "wiretapped" Trump Tower.

McMullin called the allegations "baseless," and added that "truth isn't the goal. The goal is a Trumpian alternative reality."

Nunes' status as Trump cheerleader and errand boy has not gone unnoticed, earning him the title of "Trump's stooge" from his own hometown paper, and stinging criticism from his constituents.

Meanwhile, Andrew Janz has been gaining a head of steam, raising nearly a million dollars in July alone. And while Nunes won his district's jungle primary by 26 points over Janz, a recent poll by a Democratic firm showed Janz trailing by just 5 points.

Things don't figure to get any better for Nunes, who has not held an open town hall since 2010. But if Nunes continues to undermine national security in defense of Trump, things could still get a whole lot worse before November.