Former prosecutor: Not even Nixon had Trump's 'stench of corruption'


'Richard Nixon had nothing on this,' former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin said.

On Monday, Trump's presidential inauguration committee was served with a subpoena as part of an ongoing criminal investigation from the Manhattan U.S. attorney. The latest development adds to an already enormous roster of corruption investigations related to Trump.

In a CNN appearance Tuesday, former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Toobin said a "stench of corruption" emanated from Trump — one even worse than former President Nixon's.

"Just step back for a second and think, what's under investigation right now? Trump's businesses, his campaign, his foundation, his inauguration, his presidency, I mean there has not been anything like the kind of stench of corruption around one president than there has. I mean, Richard Nixon had nothing on this," Toobin said on "New Day."

Trump has used the presidency to engage in corrupt practices similar to what he did for years in the real estate and entertainment industries.

He has refused to put his private businesses in a blind trust or sell it off, opening up his hotels and resorts to transfusions of cash from big business, foreign entities, and political committees. The conduit allows Trump to essentially be bribed in the open.

His campaign is under investigation for its involvement with Russian operatives seeking to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. On multiple occasions, he and senior members of his campaign, including his son Donald Jr. and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, have lied or been evasive about the extent of this collaboration.

Trump was forced to shut down his corrupt "charity" while it is under criminal investigation.

And members of his administration are under investigation for living high on the hog at taxpayer expense, while also violating existing rules and laws.

As Toobin noted, the scope of Trump's corruption is looking like it exceeds even Nixon's, who resigned in disgrace.

For his first two years, Republican leaders in Congress effectively ignored the corruption stench, leading voters to put Democrats in charge of the House. Now, along with existing federal and state investigations from law enforcement, Congress is finally doing its job and working to get to the bottom of things.

Trump's corruption is having its moment in the sunlight and the disinfecting has just begun.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.