Former US attorney: Barr is 'mimicking' Trump and ignoring obstruction


A former federal prosecutor called Barr out for shilling for Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Cramer, who served for nearly a decade fighting criminals and terrorism, slammed William Barr for shilling for Trump during his Senate hearing.

"Mueller's report did itemize 10 instances that could lead to obstruction — for the Attorney General not to deal with that but instead spin it is unfortunate," Cramer said on Wednesday during an interview on Fox News.

Cramer noted that Barr was "certainly mimicking some of the White House's talking points" and agreed that Barr was acting as a "spinmeister and lawyer" for Trump.

The assessment followed the marathon session in which Barr was defensive and combative when Democratic senators repeatedly challenged his unethical actions and rhetoric.

Instead of seriously addressing Trump's corruption and obstruction, Barr spent most of the hearing making excuses for not prosecuting Trump and smearing Robert Mueller. He even refused to say campaigns (such as Trump's) should report that they received offers of help from foreign operatives.

Barr strayed so far from the truth that MSNBC had to break in on multiple occasions to their coverage of the hearing to address his lies.

The condemnation from the former law enforcement official further damages Barr's credibility and lends weight to congressional calls for his resignation.

Barr has made a mockery of the department he leads and his consistent shilling for Trump has made it clear he is completely uninterested in serving justice.

He is Trump's man through and through, and it shows.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.