Fox bans ad calling for Trump's impeachment as half the country wants him out


Support for the impeachment of Donald Trump is rising, but Fox News doesn't want you to know that.

For over 21 years, Fox News has been home to the most combative version of conservatism, consistently attacking progressives as weak and unwilling to fight.

But with polls showing increasing levels of support for the impeachment of Donald Trump, Fox has now banned an ad pushing for Trump's removal. Why? It believes that its audience could be emotionally triggered by the content.

Fox News confirmed to media reporter Brian Stelter that it has refused to air ads from activist and philanthropist Tom Steyer calling for Trump's impeachment.

"Due to the strong negative reaction to their ad by our viewers, we could not in good conscience take their money," the network told Stelter.

The ads factually explain that Trump has "taken money from foreign governments" and "obstructed justice at the FBI," andthey criticize his dangerous brinkmanship with the nuclear state of North Korea.

Among the Fox viewers who won't see the Steyer ad is Trump himself, who often live-tweets his favorite show on the right-wing propaganda network, "Fox & Friends." The program has been described as Trump's "safe space" — and this move proves the accuracy of that description.

A few weeks ago, Trump expressed his anger — on Twitter, of course — at the Steyer ad. He described Steyer as "wacky & totally unhinged," and complained that Steyer has been exercising his First Amendment right to criticize him.

The move by Fox to protect its most important viewer's psyche comes as polling shows support for impeachment growing. The latest from Public Policy Polling shows 49 percent of America backs impeaching Trump, the highest since the pollster began asking.

Those results were amplified by a recent poll from ABC News/Washington Post showing Trump continuing to hemorrhage support. His overall approval is a meager 37 percent. President Barack Obama was at 57 percent at the same point in 2009.)

The poll also showed that America gives Trump failing scores on a host of issues, including the economy, race relations, health care, and terrorism. Those poor ratings persist even as the country continues to rebound after Obama's economic policies were put in place.

But Fox clearly believes that if it hides impeachment ads, along with the network doing its best to hide reports of Trump's criminality and corruption, all will be well.

It's too late, however. The public is ready for impeachment, and Trump and Fox cannot obscure that fact by simply hiding a television ad.