Fox host: Maybe Trump shouldn't be impeached because he just killed a terrorist


Fox has repeatedly argued against impeaching Trump, even when it became clear he had engaged in corrupt behavior.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney said Friday that Donald Trump's order to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani raises questions about whether Trump's impeachment and removal from office could move forward.

"The Democrats are in the position of looking like they're saying be cautious about going after a terrorist state and a clear enemy of America. That's a politically difficult road to hoe," Varney said. "But where does it leave impeachment? Are we now going to try to impeach and remove from office the commander-in-chief who's just taken out one of the world's leading terrorists?"

Varney has been a prominent supporter of Trump and has frequently used his role at Fox Business and Fox News to promote Trump and attack his political adversaries.

Now, in his ongoing defense of Trump, he's suggesting that Trump's impeachment — which already happened in December when the House of Representatives passed two articles of impeachment — might somehow be negated by his decision to assassinate a top Iranian general.

As to whether Trump should be removed from office, that's a question to be determined during the Senate trial and has nothing to do with Trump's military actions in the Middle East. Varney is trying to tie the two together, suggesting that having "taken out one of the world's leading terrorists" means Trump should no longer be tried for his alleged high crimes and misdemeanors.

However, Varney has been criticizing Trump's impeachment for weeks. His latest suggestion that Congress should not move forward with impeachment is really just more of the same.

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