Fox anchor busts Mnuchin on tax scam: Cuts are 'not going to workers'


The Trump administration's lies about the tax scam aren't fooling anyone — not even Fox News host Chris Wallace.

Republicans have pinned their slim hopes for the midterms on the passage of Trump's tax scam. But even Chris Wallace, Fox News' highest-profile news anchor, isn't buying it.

On "Fox News Sunday," Wallace grilled Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on the effects of the Republican tax scam, which have overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy.

"When the corporate tax bill was passed, you and the president promised that most of the benefits were going to go to workers," Wallace said. "But that's not, in fact, what has happened so far."

Wallace pointed to the actual effects of the bill, noting that "so far, the tax cuts are going to shareholders. They're not going to workers."

"We're only a couple of months into this," Mnuchin whined in response. And he tried to defend one of the bill's features as a benefit to "pensions and other large investors, who then invest that capital back into companies that need the capital."

"OK, so are you disappointed that $5 billion is going to workers and $150 billion is going to shareholders?" Wallace pressed.

"It's not — it's not an equivalent comparison," Mnuchin replied.

Just as Democrats — and many of the CEOs — predicted, the $1.5 trillion windfall has not helped to create jobs or significantly increase wages.

Rather, it has benefited large corporations and the wealthy. One company even bragged about using the extra money to fund over 5,000 layoffs.

That's why Republicans were forced to abandon their tax scam message during their failed effort to hold onto a Republican seat in Pennsylvania's 18th district.

The tax scam's failure leaves the GOP with nothing to run on in 2018, and a toxic party figurehead in Trump to "help" them avoid getting wiped out. But even Trump himself is already making up excuses for the looming losses.