Fox consoles failing NRA by slamming teen survivors


Fox News thinks Dana Loesch is the real victim of the Parkland school shooting.

The NRA is having a tough week. Americans are increasingly rebuking the extremist agenda the NRA is pushing on them, leading corporate partners to flee and prompting businesses to impose age limits on gun sales and stop sales of military-grade weapons.

When NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch went on Fox and Friends to complain that people weren't falling in line with the usual gun lobby talking points, co-host Brian Kilmeade offered more than a sympathetic ear.

According to Kilmeade, "no one had it worse" than Loesch in the aftermath of the school shooting that killed 17 students and teachers, left hundreds of students and families paralyzed with grief and trauma, and turned survivors into fodder for conspiracy theorists.

Yes, you read that right. Fox News thinks the real victim is Loesch.

Kilmeade made the comments Thursday morning, when Loesch complained that the NRA's preferred solution to school shootings — more guns in schools — was not being taken seriously.

"That's one of the things that the president has discussed," Loesch told Kilmeade, referring to the NRA-backed proposal to arm our nation's teachers. "I hope that we can explore that. And I hope the media can do it genuinely."

"Right," Kilmeade said. "No one had it worse than you in that town hall, where people were just so emotional and illogical. They were unconsolable."

Kilmeade was referencing a recent CNN townhall featuring Loesch alongside several of the teens who survived the Parkland shooting. Those "emotional and illogical" people he referred to were the survivors of a school shooting who had just witnessed their classmates and teachers being gunned down.

But according to Fox News, Loesch is the one who really had it bad — not the families and friends who just lost loved ones, or the students and teachers who survived the massacre.

This comes just days after an NRA board member raged about the outpouring of public support following the Parkland school shooting, which he cynically said was the result of gun safety groups "playing on the sympathy factor of kids getting killed."

What the NRA doesn't understand is that Americans are genuinely fed up. The tables have turned, and the victims have a voice this time.

If Fox continues to align itself with the NRA, it does so at its own peril.