Fox contributor demands women march to honor Sarah Huckabee Sanders


Fox contributor, anti-feminist, and devoted Trump fan Tomi Lahren is hardly in a position to tell women why they should march.

Donald Trump and his supporters have been making absurd efforts to downplay and undermine the massive Women's Marches that marked Trump's inaugural anniversary last weekend, but paid Fox New Trump shill Tomi Lahren deserves a prize for her molten take on the protests.

Trump reacted to the Women's Marches by pretending they were celebrating him during his do-nothing Trump shutdown weekend, a premise that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway happily defended on CNN, while Lara Trump suggested that women were too stupid to even know why they were marching.

As offensive as those reactions were, Lahren managed to top them during an appearance on "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning.

Asked a question that was unrelated to the Women's Marches, Lahren volunteered "Isn't Sarah Huckabee Sanders amazing?"

"We had the Women's March this past weekend," Lahren continued. "If these women really want to march for someone, they should march for someone like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, first mommy press secretary, she handles this media perfectly."

The fact is, though, that there are nearly as many reasons to march against Sanders as there are to march against Trump. Not only has she enthusiastically defended Trump's sexual predation, his racism, his lies, and his every depraved policy, but she has gone above and beyond in attacking women on her own.

It was Sanders, not Trump, who first demanded the firing of journalist Jemele Hill for criticizing Trump, who flatly called Trump's many accusers liars, who called April Ryan "disgusting" while refusing to condemn slavery, who viciously attacked San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who said that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) had it coming when Trump sexually harassed her in front of the entire world, and the list goes on.

Facts don't matter to the likes of Lahren and Conway, who build careers on trolling the women who stand up to Trump. Lahren is in fact a frequent critic of feminism and said in an interview with Playboy last year that it's "bad" for the country.

But the joke will soon be on them, as Trump has inspired women to lead the resistance against him — and to run for office in record numbers — while sending many who supported him fleeing to the Democrats. We will see who's laughing in November.