Fox host stunned Senate might disagree with Trump: 'How dare they!'


A 'Fox & Friends' host is outraged that the Senate has a job to do, and it's not just giving Trump whatever he wants.

Trump's pick to lead the State Department is being subjected to a basic function of our democracy, so "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade is naturally offended.

Mike Pompeo, Trump's nominee and current CIA director, is facing a difficult confirmation process to replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was fired last month, by tweet.

Pompeo might not even get a majority of votes in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for his nomination to move forward, in part because some Republicans on the committee aren't willing to support him.

That fact doesn't sit very well with Kilmeade, who insisted confirming Pompeo "should be a layup."

"What is extraordinary is to say 'I don't want him agreeing with the president too much,'" Kilmeade said. "How dare they! What are they, the supervisor of the president?"

Kilmeade's outrage at the Senate's constitutionally mandated advice and consent function is apparently selective, since Senate Republicans refused to even hold hearings, much less a vote, on President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.

And his anger at Democrats is misplaced, since Kentucky Republican Rand is already a no vote on Pompeo, while Arizona's Jeff Flake is still undecided.

But this is exactly the sort of reaction you would expect from the hosts of "Fox & Friends," who seem to prefer a dictator to a president. They have called it "anti-American" for journalists to report on Trump without praising him. When Trump was named a threat to press freedoms, they praised him for not having killed any journalists. While special counsel Robert Mueller closes in on Trump, "Fox & Friends" promotes absurd spin and false smears to protect Trump.

A "Fox & Friends" host even suggested that bombing Syria would be a convenient distraction from former FBI Director James Comey's devastating book, just before Trump actually did launch airstrikes on Syria.

With complicit Republicans in charge, it can be easy to forget that Congress is, in fact, supposed to be a check on Trump. But come November, Trump and his fans at Fox News had better get used to it.