Fox host humiliated for claiming 'no allegations' against admitted sexual predator Trump


Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo bizarrely insisted that there are no allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump, despite on-the-record accounts from at least 16 women.

The right wing is going to extraordinary lengths to protect Donald Trump by trying to erase or alter history.

During a panel discussion on the Fox Business Network, host Maria Bartiromo offered her own startling and patently untrue claim in defense of Trump.

"There are no allegations against the President," Bartiromo insisted.

Just to be clear: allegations of sexual misconduct by Donald Trump are widespread and disturbing. At least 16 women have come forward to corroborate Trump's own lurid, stomach-wrenching words.

Furthermore, five contestants remember Trump barging into the dressing rooms of the 1997 Miss Teen USA beauty pageant in order to ogle 15-year-old girls in various states of undress.

"I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, 'Oh my god, there’s a man in here,'" said Mariah Billado, the former Miss Vermont Teen USA.

Yet Bartiromo is trying to erase the voices of these women from history.

In a discussion sexual misconduct accusations against Minnesota Sen. Al Franken, the conversation turned to the allegations of sexual abuse against both Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore and Trump.

It was at this point that Bartiromo flatly lied, claiming that there were no allegations against Trump.

When panelist Chris Lu reminded her of the litany of allegations, Bartiromo continued her abject denial of reality, claiming that because Trump said they didn't happen, they didn't happen.

"He said during the campaign that wasn’t true. In fact, didn’t he say also that, you know, all of this will come to light and there will be a lawsuit?" she asked.

Trump has claimed that every single accuser is a liar, and threatened a lawsuit, on which he never followed through.

As to Bartiromo's blind faith in Trump's integrity, she might do well to examine recent fact-checker reports about Trump's honesty.

According to the Washington Post examination of Trump's false or misleading claims, "The total now stands at 1,628 claims in 298 days, or an average of 5.5 claims a day. That puts the president on track to reach 1,999 claims by the end of his first year in office, though he obviously would easily exceed 2,000 if he maintained the pace of the past month."

Other journalists were quick to push back on Bartiromo's bizarre claims. CNN's Brian Stelter called the statement "really strange," while former McCain campaign strategist and senior adviser Steve Schmidt called it "nonsense."

And HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali noted that Bartiromo "erased sixteen women."

In a desperate attempt to toe the conservative party line, Bartiromo went beyond disagreement to flat-out dishonesty, in order to defend a man who deserves no defense at all.