Fox loses it over Halloween costume guide saying no to blackface and swastikas


According to Fox News, costumes ridiculing Donald Trump are just as offensive as putting on blackface or donning Nazi symbols.

Fox News fired up their outrage machine on Sunday in response to a college guide advising students to avoid wearing symbols of bigotry and hate as part of their Halloween costumes.

The guide, which was published in a magazine run by students at Ohio State University, features a tongue-in-cheek flowchart to help students determine whether a Halloween costume is appropriate or not.

Among those costumes deemed inappropriate: Anything involving swastikas, blackface, or Pepe the frog.

Screenshot from Campus Reform

Most people with a sense of decency would agree that costumes that poke fun at recent tragedies or involve wearing swastikas or blackface are offensive and should be avoided. Most people with a sense of humor would also notice that the costume guide is dripping with sarcasm.

But Fox News only trafficks in manufactured outrage, so concepts such as humor and decency are lost on them.

According to Fox, if costumes mocking Donald Trump are acceptable, then symbols of bigotry and hate should be acceptable, too.

"Whites must avoid any kind of headwear from other cultures, but everyone else may include it in their costume," the unsigned Fox article declared, conveying utter bafflement that some people don't find any humor in dehumanizing an entire culture.

The article proceeded to whine about the idea of prohibiting symbols associated with genocide when "anything making fun of the president is fine."

And in the Fox and Friends segment that leads off the article, Cabot Phillips, the media director from, absurdly labeled the opposition to offensive costumes as creating a "hierarchy of oppression," and insisted that being "offended" gives someone "special status on the left and on college campuses."

"It's not preparing students for the real world," he fretted.

As ridiculous as the faux outrage is, would you really expect anything different from the newsroom that functions as Trump's personal propaganda outlet?