Fox host takes apart former Trump aide for lying about Mueller probe


Fox News host Chris Wallace quickly busted former Trump communications director Jason Miller for pushing a popular but blatantly false talking point.

Trump shills aren't even safe at Fox News anymore. Disgraced former communications director Jason Miller found this out when he tried to sneak one past Chris Wallace Sunday morning.

Wallace referenced Trump's unhinged interview on "Fox & Friends," when Trump reserved the right to interfere with the Justice Department. Miller immediately responded with the go-to Trump administration response: lying.

"Well, I think this investigation is imploding under the weight of there being absolutely nothing there," Miller began. "I mean the fact that we're a year and a half —"

"Well, well, wait, we don't know that," Wallace interrupted.

When Miller insisted otherwise, Wallace continued to push back. "We have no idea what he's finding," Wallace pointed out.

Miller tried to claim that anything proving collusion "would have leaked out ... so long ago." To which Wallace responded with incredulity.

"So, wait, wait. So you're now saying, because there isn't a leak ...?" Wallace said. "I mean, I thought you condemned leaks? Which is it, are leaks good or bad?"

"No, leaks are terrible," Miller responded. "But if there was a way to hurt President Trump, it would've leaked out and that would've been out there."

Miller was echoing a popular Trump line that there was "no collusion." Trump repeated the claim this week by seizing on the Republicans' report on their sham Russia investigation.

The report insisted that the committee had uncovered no evidence of collusion. But as Democrats on the committee pointed out in their own statement, Republicans refused to subpoena scores of documents and witnesses that would have been necessary to a serious investigative effort.

And as Wallace noted, special counsel Robert Mueller has access to witnesses and documents that the Republican-led committee did not. And Mueller has no reason to cover for Trump like Republicans do.

Despite Trump and his cronies' insistence to the contrary, there is ample evidence of collusion. The only questions now are how far Trump will go to keep Mueller from pursuing it, and whether Republicans will lift a finger to stop Trump in his tracks.