Fox News claims thousands of anti-Trump protesters in London actually support him


Fox News' propaganda has crossed the pond.

As thousands of British protesters prepare to take to the streets of London to protest Trump's arrival on their shores, Fox News "reporters" are twisting themselves in knots to try to convince their viewers that an unknown number of those people in those crowds are actually pro-Trump and are turning out to support his visit.

"Do keep this in mind though, guys, a lot of those demonstrations will also include pro-Trump folks out there who, a great many of them feel like he is simply not getting his fair share in the media here," Fox News "straight news" correspondent Kevin Corke said Monday morning from Buckingham Palace.

"Fox & Friends" hosts ran with Corke's bizarre analysis.

"As Kevin Corke accurately pointed out a little while ago, 250,000 [people], it would be hard to tell who were pro-Trump and who were anti-Trump," one host said.


This is simply not backed up by the facts. The massive demonstrations were planned as protests against Trump. Its most prominent symbols include a massive blimp that depicts Trump as a baby, as well as huge banners hanging on London's Vauxhall bridge reading: "Resist Trump. Resist Racism. Resist Cruelty. Resist Hate. Resist Sexism." If pro-Trump protesters decided to march near those signs or under that blimp, their message would get completely lost.

Fox News correspondent Benjamin Hall went on to baselessly claim that the U.K. protesters are "bussed in" by some unnamed "hard-left groups" — similar to other fake and bizarre claims that conservatives often make about anti-Trump protests in the United States.

When Trump is upset, he's known to lash out and earn himself negative attention. And Fox News appears to be trying to keep Trump from losing it over the protests. When Trump traveled to the U.K. last summer, he complained that the blimp, and the hundreds of thousands of protesters railing against his visit, didn't make him "feel welcome."

Fox News' attempts to save Trump from himself appear to have come too late, however.

Trump already kicked his U.K. visit off with some major blunders, first calling Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle "nasty" and later hurling childish insults at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has criticized Trump.

That Trump baby balloon really is an accurate depiction of how Trump reacts to criticism.

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