Even Fox News is getting pretty tired of Trump's lies about 'election fraud'


'We just haven't seen it,' Fox News host Brett Baier said regarding allegations of election fraud from Team Trump.

Fox News is calling out Donald Trump's unfounded election fraud claims and egregious lies.

On Friday morning, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said on Fox News, "If there is election fraud, which everyone accuses, or says there wasn't, or if there were these irregularities, we need to pursue them."

"We need to go down that avenue and make sure that every vote that was legal is counted, but also that weren't attempts to subvert the vote," she said.


Fox host Bret Baier didn't buy the argument, responding with, "We agree with you and we want to look into everything as well. ... But we just haven't seen it."

Baier debunked Trump ally Newt Gingrich's false voter fraud claims, saying, "We trusted them (Pennsylvania election authorities) four years ago," and "What's different now?"

Fox News reporters including Eric Shawn also debunked a list of Trump's conspiracy theories on election fraud this week.

But the Trump campaign has presented no evidence of "illegal" votes and the allegations of fraud are all baseless.

Michael Georg Link, who heads the international delegation Organization for Security and Cooperation to monitor the U.S. election, said they looked into postal ballot fraud and found no evidence of mail-in voting fraud.

"We found no violations in the rules whatsoever," he said.

Trump and the GOP have been at war with Fox News for the past days after the network called Arizona for former Vice President Joe Biden.

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