Fox News forced to admit Trump is 'giving Russia a big win'


Even Trump's friends at Fox are disappointed in him for appeasing Russia.

Trump's unilateral decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria — against the advice of his top advisers and without even consulting our allies — has received widespread condemnation from just about everyone. Everyone except Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who praised "Donald" for making "the right decision."

Trump's decision to hand Russia a win on the world stage was so egregious that even the right-wing pro-Trump Fox News was appalled.

On Friday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders appeared on "Fox & Friends" to try to spin the administration's bumbling foreign policy. But co-host Brian Kilmeade wasn't buying it.

"Sarah, he's giving Russia a big win. Vladimir Putin praised him," Kilmeade said, clearly disappointed. "He's also doing exactly what he criticized President Obama for doing. He said President Obama was the founder of ISIS. He just refounded ISIS."

Trump "is really on the griddle with this," Kilmeade concluded.

Even as Sanders pushed back, insisting that Trump was in the right, Kilmeade shook his head and shot her down.

"The word on the ground is different from what you just said."

Sanders obviously didn't expect to face this sort of questioning from the usually Trump-friendly outlet. She has largely avoided the press in the last two months, holding only two press briefing. Her most recent briefing on Tuesday — apparently the last one she intends to hold in 2018 — was a mere 15 minutes long, and consisted largely of her attacking American law enforcement.

Rather than engage with real reporters, Sanders took the White House spin to the safe space of Fox — but that proved less safe than she expected, thanks to the latest Trump-created chaos.

Trump is out of his depth, and Americans are less safe because of it. Americans know it, Democrats know it, his secretary of defense — who resigned Thursday with a blistering letter condemning Trump's reckless approach to the world — knows it, and now, even Fox News is saying it.

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