Fox News guests say Trump attacked McCain because they are so alike


Trump sycophants smeared McCain in order to defend Trump's disgusting attacks against the late senator.

Decency was in short supply in Trumpworld after Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) passed away this weekend. Several conservatives on Fox News even tried to favorably compare Trump to McCain by invoking Trump's own disgusting attacks on the late senator.

On Sunday afternoon's edition of "America's Newsroom," Fox News anchor Eric Shawn correctly noted that Trump has been "rude, unforgiving, and downright demeaning" in many of his public remarks about McCain.

But Robert Donachie, reporter for the conservative Washington Examiner, had a rather twisted spin on these attacks.

"[McCain] is someone who did not shy away from telling you exactly how he felt on a given issue," Donachie said. "Who does that sound like to you? Does that not sound like President Donald Trump, who almost every morning, on Twitter and public statements, does not shy away from telling people exactly how it is?"

Donachie went on to defend Trump's refusal to acknowledge McCain in a statement following the senator's passing.

"It's a collision of two incredibly strong personalities, and two people who were not — are not always willing to back down from what they feel was right," Donachie said.

John McCain spent five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, while Trump avoided service and later joked that avoiding a sexually transmitted disease was his own "personal Vietnam."

A few minutes later, anchor Elizabeth Prann asked Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) about Trump's snub of McCain, and McClintock offered a similar response.

"The bitter rivalry between McCain and Trump found its roots in the fact that temperamentally, they are very similar," McClintock said. "They feel very passionate about things. and sometimes that passion drifted over into personality."

But there were not very fine people on both sides of the McCain-Trump relationship — there was only Trump attacking McCain for decades.

As a prospective Reform Party candidate in 1999, Trump said he didn't think McCain should be considered a war hero just because he had been captured.

Trump infamously renewed that attack during the 2016 presidential campaign. When he was criticized for his insults of McCain, Trump whined that McCain had been "disloyal" to him.

Trump also attacked McCain for withdrawing his endorsement after a recording was released of Trump bragging about committing sexual assault.

Trump bitterly tweeted that "the very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain ... dropped me over locker room remarks!"

And after McCain dramatically joined 48 Democrats and two other Republicans in voting down Trumpcare, Trump began attacking McCain at speeches and rallies — including cruelly mocking the senator’s arm movements, which are restricted because of the torture he suffered as a prisoner of war.

Trump lacked the grace to mark Senator McCain's passing with decency. And now Trump's sycophants are compounding that slight with an even greater insult: comparing McCain to Trump.

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