Fox loses it after journalist who called out Trump's racism wins award


Fox News doesn't like when Trump's blatant racism is spoken about, and decided to smear columnist Jemele Hill after she received an award for doing just that.

Sports columnist Jemele Hill was just named journalist of the year by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) after she called out Trump's racism, and Fox News is extremely upset about it.

In their release on the award, NABJ noted, "The annual award recognizes a black journalist who has amassed a distinguished body of work with extraordinary depth, scope and significance to the people of the African Diaspora."

The pro-Trump right-wing propaganda network was so outraged by the honor given to Hill that they devoted an entire segment of Fox & Friends to the issue. The three-minute long complaint occurred on Trump's favorite show on the network which has been the source of several of his Twitter tirades.


Anchor Ainsley Earhardt began the barrage by claiming, "She once blasted our president as a white supremacist, but apparently this controversial ESPN host deserves a big award."

Throughout the segment, Fox alleged that Hill was "unemployed," and cited the fact that she was no longer the co-host of the program SC6 on ESPN. But as is often the case at Fox News, thy lied to their viewers about Hill's status.

As was announced by ESPN in January, Hill is a featured columnist for the site The Undefeated. She has been writing columns there for months.

The NABJ was not as ignorant as the Fox hosts, and in their release on Hill it says, "Hill is a senior correspondent and columnist for ESPN’s The Undefeated" where she "uses her platform to address national, social and cultural issues."

Fox ignored this, and guest Lawrence Jones of the right-wing site said, "The National Black Association of Journalism is literally saying now, 'we're going to applaud unemployment,' and that's not something I stand for."

Co-host Steve Doocy backed Jones ignorant attack and said, "When I was in journalism school it was all about just the facts. But now apparently journalism looks a lot like activism. And sometimes you watch the briefing at the White House, there are a lot of activists in there."

For Fox News to complain about real journalists while in the middle of its over 22-year crusade as a hub for pro-Republican activism is ironic.

Jones went on to say Hill "no longer has" the platform NABJ lauded her for using to point out Trump's racism, and concluded, "I want to, if I had a little girl, to say, hey, if she wanted to go into sports, she could look up to Jemele. Well, there is no Jemele anymore."

There is a Jemele Hill, and the reason Fox lied about her is because she told the truth about Trump.

She wrote, "Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists." She also noted, "Trump is the most ignorant, offensive president of my lifetime. His rise is a direct result of white supremacy. Period."

After she told the truth, Trump complained about ESPN and demanded the network "apologize for untruth."

Hill was disciplined by ESPN but stood by her commentary.

That was why she won the award, and that was why Fox News, who is dedicated to running down anyone who accurately reports on Trump, was so angry about it.

As usual Fox News lied to their viewers and distorted reality, but that's also why Trump is so enamored with the network which now exists as an extension of his administration.