Fox analyst: Hannity and Limbaugh are 'running this government' now


Trump has handed over the keys to some of the worst people in right-wing media.

Trump has allowed extreme right-wing media figures to lead him around by the nose and drag the country into a crisis — and a Fox News host admitted it.

Wednesday night on Fox News, Fox's own Juan Williams got into an argument with former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove while discussing Trump's refusal to open the government.

As Rove incorrectly asserted that Trump hasn't made absurd demands for the border, Williams explained, "You should go listen to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter because they're running this government."

It's true.

A creature of the right-wing media himself (Trump became a political figure when Fox News frequently booked him to spout off anti-Obama attacks), Trump has governed based largely on the whims of the right's pundits.

He regularly consults with Fox's own Sean Hannity to determine his policy priorities and how to attack his detractors. In turn, Hannity's show is the lead cheerleader on a network jam-packed with Trump fanboys and fangirls.

Trump is far more likely to cite the bizarre ramblings of the hosts on the network's "Fox & Friends" on key issues like national security than the intelligence agencies he has at his disposal around the clock.

Trump and Limbaugh, one of the most bigoted men in America, have a feedback loop that forms a tight circle between Trump's racist policies and Limbaugh using the public airwaves to justify them.

And Ann Coulter, who is a racist and homophobic liar, has had Trump's ear for years, and much of the momentum for his shutdown demands can be traced to a bizarre need to please the virulent Coulter.

The shutdown and the wall obsession, and essentially every insipid and bigoted idea that emanates from Trump, can be traced to right-wing media, particularly Fox News.

Trump is responsible for the mess he has caused in the lives of millions of people and the businesses who rely on them. But the right-wing media plays a vital role in making his presidency the ever-escalating disaster it is.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.