Fox News loses it, accuses Trump's critics of being 'racist' against him


Democrats are boycotting Trump's State of the Union over his racist and sexist remarks and behavior. Fox thinks that's "potentially racist" — against Trump.

Fox News Channel continued in its role as propagandists for Donald Trump, again demonstrating there's no position too absurd if it means defending his unpopular presidency.

Bob Massi, a legal analyst for the network and host of the program "Property Man" on Fox Business, delivered the most recent example. During an appearance on Trump's favorite show, "Fox & Friends," Massi criticized the decision of several Democrats to boycott Trump's upcoming State of the Union speech.

Massi, with a straight face, alleged that boycotting Trump's speech prompted the question, "Does racism come the other way?"

Massi continued his speculation. "Is this a political statement or are these people also, as they call the president a racist, are they potentially racist against him?"

Demonstrating that the nonsense argument was not just a slip of the tongue, Massi added, "There's a fine line between a political statement and are they being racist against the president of the United States."

He's wrong.

Trump is a racist. He has repeatedly shown his cards — while running for president, when he called Mexicans rapists — and in the White House, where he referred to countries with large nonwhite populations as "shitholes."

Trump also praised Nazis and passionately defended monuments to slavery defenders.

His racism is not in question by anyone who has objectively observed his words or deeds. Even Fox News is aware of this, and it explains Massi's absurd spin.

For years, the network, which has itself stewed in blatant racism — including promoting Trump and his birther conspiracy about President Barack Obama — has argued that people who highlight racism to fight it are worse than actual racists.

The suggestion that members of Congress like civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis — as well as Reps. Maxine Waters, Frederica Wilson, Pramila Jayapal, and Earl Blumenauer — are themselves racist because they are bringing attention to Trump's racism is nonsense but also a bedrock belief of modern conservatism.

Fox is telling its number one fan that he isn't racist and that his critics are. It's a green light from the only "news" source he trusts to further tout his own bigotry — something that aids and comforts Fox and many of its viewers while harming America. It's the Fox News way.