Fox News legal analyst slams 'embarrassing' Rosenstein impeachment


Pro-Trump legal expert Andrew Napolitano says the attack on Rosenstein is 'baseless.'

The Republican attempt to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is so absurd even Fox News legal analyst and Trump fan Andrew Napolitano is slamming the "embarrassing" and "baseless" move.

During an appearance on Thursday morning's edition of "Fox & Friends,"

Napolitano slammed the campaign against Rosenstein, which has been an effort to extort the Justice Department into turning over sensitive documents.

"They're going to cough [the documents] up because of threats like this, which are in my opinion wrong and baseless, but embarrassing for everybody involved," Napolitano said.

He pointed out the Department of Justice "has a legitimate lawful basis for keeping certain documents secret, in a pending investigation."

"I want this Mueller thing over as soon as possible," Napolitano admitted, adding, "but it is still pending, and you'd be interfering with it if you forced the public revelation of some of those documents."

On Wednesday, House Freedom Caucus leaders Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows made good on their months of threats to introduce articles of impeachment against Rosenstein.

As Napolitano pointed out, their true purpose is to interfere with and undermine the Mueller probe, first by compromising the investigation through the revelation of those documents, and then by discrediting Rosenstein and his Justice Department with the impeachment attempt.

Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray have each explained the importance of protecting the sources and methods being used in an ongoing investigation. And at a public forum in May, Rosenstein responded to the threat of impeachment by saying that his department "will not be extorted."

“We’re going to do what’s required by the rule of law,” Rosenstein said. “Any threats that people make are not going to affect how we do our job.”

Republicans like Jordan and Meadows were never interested in the rule of law, only in protecting Trump, which is why they asked for documents they knew Rosenstein couldn't reveal. Unfortunately for them, even Trump fan Andrew Napolitano sees right through them, and so will the American people.

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