Fox News tries to talk GOP congressman out of doomed attempt to remove Pelosi


Even Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy does not support the conservative plan to remove Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Friday tried to talk Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) out of proposing a procedural vote intending to remove Speaker Nancy Pelosi from her position in the House of Representatives.

The House Freedom Caucus, the most conservative faction of Republicans in the House, is pressuring House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to support a floor vote to "vacate the chair" with the goal of removing Pelosi.

Republicans would need to get a majority of the House to back the unusual move, but Democrats currently hold a 232-198 majority after winning the 2018 midterm election. McCarthy has said he does not support the action.

"Congressman, it's all symbolism," Kilmeade told Roy. "I understand your sentiment, but I think the last thing we need now is another symbolic vote."

Roy insisted that there was hope for the plot, claiming without evidence that Democrats "are starting to break from the speaker."

Democrats currently maintain a 6-point lead in an average of polling when voters are asked who should be in control of the House.

From the Sept. 18 edition of Fox News' "Fox & Friends":

REP. CHIP ROY: She needs to go. This isn't just wait until November, this isn't just waiting until January. Yes, we should vote her out and vote Democrats out now ...


BRIAN KILMEADE, co-host: But congressman, it's all symbolism. It's all symbolism. If you want to motivate people, November 3 is the time to put a minority. You know, I understand your sentiment, but I think the last thing we need now is another symbolic vote, right?


ROY: Well, but this isn't a symbolic vote. Here's what you do: You bring to the floor, you vacate the chair. Let's have a vote on who stands with Nancy Pelosi, who stands with the leadership of the Democratic leadership of the House?


KILMEADE: They all do, but they all do.


ROY: What was that?


KILMEADE: They all do. All the Democrats stand with her. We've already seen the drill.


ROY: No, but you know what? That's not entirely true, if you watch some of the quotes this week, there's a bunch of freshman Democrats that are starting—


KILMEADE: Moderates.


ROY: — to break from the speaker. And also, we know that AOC and some of the radical left don't like the speaker, that she's not radical enough. Let's force them to vote. Let's see where they stand and then on November you're going to know when you go to the polls who stands with Nancy Pelosi, who stands with the American people.


Who wants to stand up for America versus standing up for a Democratic Party that refuses to stand with law enforcement.

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