Fox News cruelly mocks migrants for fearing Trump's 'nuclear' threat


Where would anyone get the idea Trump wanted to nuke them?

Trump's favorite Fox News shills cruelly mocked migrant protesters who mistook one of Trump's tweets for a nuclear threat.

The group of peaceful protesters that Trump labeled a marauding "caravan" ready to sack U.S. taxpayers became alarmed when Trump repeatedly threatened the "Nuclear Option" in anti-immigrant tweets.

On Wednesday morning's "Fox & Friends," the trio of hosts smugly mocked the leader of the protest, Irineo Mujica.

"The president was so mad at this. He said I'm not going to do the NAFTA deal, and I have a message for you, Congress. I think you should pass the 'nuclear option' so that the majority will pass tougher immigration laws," co-host Ainsley Earhardt explained with a smile. "Well, the leader of that caravan down in Mexico interpreted that in a different way."

"A little bit differently," co-host Pete Hegseth chimed in. "So a leader of this group then said, and the name is Ireno Majuca [sic], head coordinator of the migrant caravan said this: 'We are scared just like you.' She's talking to the remainder of the participants."

"Now president Donald Trump has said he wants to hit us with nuclear bombs," Hegseth continued. "I think that was just something lost in translation."

The Fox hosts' glib mockery of people who are protesting tremendous suffering is cruel and racist on its own, but also completely without merit.

Anyone not steeped in the minutiae of American political idiom could make that mistake, especially since Trump is prone to casually threatening actual nuclear war on Twitter, as well as in front of leaders from around the world.

Trump's nuclear trigger finger is so unstable that one tweet "fooled" his entire Pentagon into thinking that he was about to announce a nuclear war.

And Trump's reckless Twitter habit has been known to tank the stock market, as it did this week, following his campaign of lies against Amazon.

So anyone could be forgiven for worrying about a Trump tweet with the words "Nuclear Option" in it, but especially a group for whom Trump has shown such hatred.