Fox News tries to spin Trump's affair with Stormy Daniels as good news


In a desperate effort to defend Trump at all costs, Fox News insists the scandal of Trump's extramarital affair with a porn star who was paid off to stay quiet about it will be good news for his approval ratings.

Trump's affair with porn star Stormy Daniels remains a top news story after her interview on "60 Minutes" Sunday evening. But the propaganda purveyors at Fox News want you to believe that's good news for him.

Daniels spilled the creepy details of her affair with Trump to 23 million Americans, making the story too big for Fox News to ignore.

So on "Outnumbered" the next morning, host Sandra Smith did what is apparently the next best thing in Fox's view.

"The specter of the White House sex scandal drawing comparisons to the last time a sitting president faced accusations of sexual impropriety," Smith said. "Bill Clinton saw his best approval rating at the time of his 1998 impeachment hearings, and his job approval remained high when he left office."

And she pointedly added that "Clinton, today, remains one of America's most popular ex-presidents."

This story has been front and center in the news for more than two months. But the "60 Minutes" interview introduced the lurid details to a new and immense audience, ample evidence that Americans are not "tired" of the story. And President Bill Clinton was never as deeply and consistently unpopular as Trump is.

But aiding and lying for Trump is old hat for Fox News. The network has consistently tried to spin damaging developments in the Mueller investigation as insignificant, or even as good news. When it does accidentally tell the truth about Trump, it's only to try to keep him out of trouble.

Fox News hosts also blame others, like President Obama, for Trump's failures. They attack journalists and other Trump critics, and even attacked a six year-old child.

And of course, the network happily provides the administration with an unlimited platform to broadcast its own lies.

But this ridiculous spin for Trump's sex scandal brings Fox News full circle. The network was instrumental in covering up the story just days before the 2016 presidential election.

Now it's insisting this all good for news for Trump. But no one else is buying that.