Fox News taunts Trump: It's a sign of 'weakness' not to go to war with Iran


Trump's favorite show on Fox News is egging on World War III.

Trump on Friday admitted that he called off a strike against Iran 10 minutes before it was slated to take place — a balk that possibly saved us all from World War III.

But Fox News didn't let out a sigh of relief.

Instead, "Fox & Friends" co-host Brian Kilmeade seemingly tried to egg Trump on to attack Iran.

"When they blow up four tankers and we do nothing, when they blow up our drone that costs $130 million and we do nothing — we know it's not going to end there," Kilmeade said Friday morning on the show. "So at some point, in the Middle East, no action looks like weakness, and weakness begets more attacks."

Of course, Kilmeade obviously knows that Trump watches "Fox & Friends," and that Trump very likely saw and heard his comments.

It's a well-known fact that Trump often takes advice from the "Fox & Friends" hosts — and often makes bad decisions because of it.

But taking advice from someone like Kilmeade on something as consequential as striking a hostile nation that could spark all-out war and mire the United States in yet another endless conflict in the Middle East would be one of the worst things to come from Trump's cable TV obsession yet.

That's what makes Kilmeade's comments so awful.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Trump's instincts are to stay out of Iran, but that his warmongering national security adviser John Bolton is pushing for strikes.

And given that being seen as weak is one of Trump's fears, for Kilmeade to call Trump's decision to not strike Iran weak could push Trump over the edge and goad him into military conflict.

That's what makes Kilmeade's comments so awful.

The United States avoided war by 10 minutes Thursday night. Now the world waits to see how long that peace lasts.

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