Fox News host admits his own network is lying about Trump approval


'Fox & Friends' tried to claim Trump's approval ratings are just fine. Then Brian Kilmeade let it slip.

Trump's favorite morning show tried to pretend that Trump's family separations didn't affect his poll numbers. But one of the show's co-hosts let the truth slip out.

On Tuesday morning's edition of "Fox & Friends," co-host Steve Doocy introduced a segment claiming Trump's approval ratings have been unaffected by outrage over child separations.

"Democrats and some in the media are outraged over the temporary family separation at the border," Doocy said, adding, "These controversies don't seem to be affecting president Trump's standings in the polls."

But, after Fox tried to claim Trump's current approval was on par with that of his peers, co-host Brian Kilmeade added quickly: "But it's a tracking poll that had him drop four points after last week's immigration news."

That didn't stop Fox from airing an entire segment with a chyron that read: "Poll: Trump has 45% Approval Amid Controversy."

But Fox News was quoting a nine-days-old numbers as a "new" poll. As Kilmeade noted, Trump's rating in the Gallup tracking poll dropped sharply as more Americans found out about the Trump administration's brutal family separations.

Crucially, that 45 percent result was taken before gut-wrenching audio of imprisoned children was released to the public.

Additionally, Trump's disapproval shot up by five points, a 9-point overall ratings swing that was the largest weekly drop yet in support for Trump.

Thanks to Kilmeade, who has an inconvenient penchant for occasional honesty, Bennett was forced to mention the 4-point drop, as well as the lie that filled the screen the entire time.

Perhaps coincidentally, Trump tried to brag about his approval rating in the Gallup poll at his campaign rally Monday night, even as he called pols "fake news, and insisted that polling "should be illegal."

With numbers like these, it's easy to see Fox News would try to lie them away.

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