Even Fox News thinks Trump's call to Putin was 'horrifying'


Trump's biggest cheerleaders at Fox News turn on him over his embarrassing phone call of congratulations.

Trump's phone call of congratulations to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is so indefensible that even "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade called it "horrifying."

During Thursday morning's program, co-hosts Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt teed up a segment complaining about the media's reaction to Trump calling Putin to congratulate him on his rigged election win. Trump had ignored his own national security advisers who included a note that said "DO NOT CONGRATULATE" in the briefing for the call.

Even Trump apologist Kilmeade thought the call was a mistake.

"Vladmir Putin is an evil person who goes out of the his way to stomp on people he doesn't like, and kill those who turn on him," Kilmeade said.

His co-hosts tried to excuse the phone call, offering the false equivalence that President Obama "did the same thing" in 2012. But Kilmeade wasn't buying it.

"But this is after they meddled in the election," Kilmeade said. "So that's what made it so horrifying, along with the poisoning in Britain."

Trump's call to Putin was horrifying to a great many people on both sides of the political spectrum, especially following his weak response to the nerve agent attack that Russia carried out on British soil.

Trump's response to the uproar has been to throw a tantrum about President Obama, and to brag about his own "chemistry" with Putin. But almost everyone else in the world, including his own advisers, sees things differently.

"Fox & Friends" has been a reliable source of pro-Trump propaganda, and a favorite viewing destination for Trump. But Trump humiliated himself and the country by congratulating the Russian strongman for a sham "re-election." And now even Fox is no longer a safe space for his incompetent presidency.